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Using the Logic App you can set your products to trigger actions in other Lockdown®TM products. Open a door, the PuckTM tells the Plug to turn on a light. Set the Plug to activate your lights or other accessories. Let Lockdown®TM do the work for you. Making your day to day easier and more secure. 

The Puck’s door sensor is magnetic and adjustable. The arrow located on the top indicates where the door sensor goes. The Puck will beep to signal it’s aligned in the right spot for detection. The booster and magnet both have double sided tape to allow for an easier mounting process. The Puck can be mounted magnetically or with screws and brackets.

Multiple mounts are included for precision alignment.

Mounting Adjustment Tool Sizes:
2-3 inch.
1-2 inch.
1/2 -1 inch.

Keep your home secure. Set schedules to keep your home active and monitored whether you are home or going about your day. Use an away feature to arm and monitor your home with 1 easy push of a button. Having control and notifications in the palm of your hand means less stress about protecting what matters most.

Set Schedules and Away

The Puck has vents along the bottom where the temperature sensor sits. In the app, the threshold of the temp/humidity can be set by the user. It will notify the user any time the puck goes over or under this pre-selected setting.  

The PuckTM will monitor temperature and humidity. Use the Logic App to check at your leisure or you can set thresholds to be notified of not optimal conditions. A full year history of readings will also allow you to detect trends and take preemptive future actions.

Monitor Temperature and Humidity

An App For That

You have things worth protecting. The Lockdown®TM Logic App puts that protection in the palm of your hand. When used with The PuckTM the Logic App allows you full control of your PuckTM no matter where you are. 








Secure Your Lifestyle

Secure what matters most with the Lockdown Puck. From protecting collectible firearms to priceless jewelry or family heirlooms, the Lockdown Puck will secure what matters most. 


The PuckTM will notify you with an audible beep and app notification when movement is sensed, like a door or drawer opening and closing. Using the adjustable vibration sensor, you decide the level of sensitivity.

Open and Motion Sensing


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